Teensy 4.0 + ESP8266

Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 Breakout. The ESP8266 has a 80MHz microcontroller with WiFi capability. The ESP8266 can be setup as a local WiFi hotspot that I can connect to using a laptop, tablet or phone. The ESP8266 is like its own microcontroller that I can compile and load scripts. Load the drivers into the Arduino IDE. A USB-to-Serial cable can be used to upload the script. To load the script it is important to hold down the GPIO0 button whilst pressing the Reset button. This will put the ESP8266 into load script mode. Push down the GPIO0 button and a bright red light will show. If I see any blue light flash, I have pressed the wrong button. Whilst GPIO0 is pressed down, push with another finger the Reset button. Release both fingers and I should see a dim red light. The board is now ready to upload with a new script.


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