Proboat Westward Yacht

Progress in 2016

Empty the cockpit

In order to fit the electronics I took out the sail winch. The sail sheet lengths are thus fixed. It means you can't let the sails out when you need and this can stop the boat from running down wind, as the main sail can turn the boat into the wind. The compromise it that the sails at around 45 degrees - so downwind is still possible at the cost of close haul. For this model - it is ok.

Arduino Nano

I fitted the Arduino Nano into the boat. The battery supply goes in first with a breadboard on top.

Arduino Nano

Another view.


An Arduino Nano and logic layer converter are fitted to the breadboard. A compass is attached to the end of a piece of wood and pushed up to the bow of the boat. A secure digital card records the observations and an Adafruit GPS picks up the boats location. A radio control receiver is attached in order to control the boat. As yet not a robotic boat.