Proboat Ragazza Yacht

Proboat Yacht Ragazza

The yacht;s cabin.


The interior of the boat is simply layed out. Two channels of the radio control reciever are used to control the rudder and sail winch.

The weakest point on the boat is probably the sail winch. The sail winch is attached to the jib and main using two sheets. This works fine winching in the sails but runs the risk that letting unwinding faster than the sails go out can potentially entangle the strings. The solution is to have a spring tensioned loop - but for my purposes, at the price I paid, I will be careful with moderate sail movements.


The boat does look attractive with a handy cabin that can be lifted off to access the electroncis inside. The rigging of the boat was fairly easy to setup. Be careful of getting the mast the correct way up.

Arduino Mega

My first objective is to sail the yacht using radio control with an Arduino onboard taking measurements. To the underside of the Proboat cabin I attached a GPS module, then an Arduino Mega and a breadboard. At the end of a 40cm long wooden stick I attached a CMPS11 compass and pushed it up to the bow of the boat inside. This would keep the compass away from the other electronics. Then I attached a Secure Digital (SD) card to the Arduino. All components I have unit tested before.


The electronics are fairly light weight and should be ok. Another advantange is that the electronics are kept high and if any water gets inside the hull, shouldn't contact the electronics. The risk I have to be careful of is not to entangle the sail sheets.


Additional batteries are added.

Arduino Mega

All the electronics on board. The yacht is recording its heading, heal, pitch, latitute, longitude and servo positions.

Linear activator

I swapped the sail winch with a linear activator. The advantage of the activator is that the rope doesn't get twisted.

Teensy 3.6

The Teensy is an upgrade of the Mega.

Cockpit view

View of the interior.