Kyosho Seawind


The boat comes nicely packed in a cardboard box.


The majority of fittings are already installed. Inside the hull the servos are already in place.


The stand is already assembled and so just seconds to put the hull on it.


Like most model yachts the keel if push up through the hull and fixed using a bolt.


To fix the rudder the circular cap is opened and screw the clamp to hold the rudder.


This is the hardest part of the whole construction with risk of ripping the main sail. The objective is to fit the top section of the mast into the bottom mast section.

My solution

The approach I took was to loosen the mainsail topping lift. This enabled the top of the sail to freely move us giving room to slide the mast together.


The rigging is already attached to the mast so just involves clipping to the hull.


After adding batteries to the transmitter and receiver the boat was complete.