Building robot boats

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Proboat Ragazza

With Teensy 3.6

Kyosho Seawind

With Teensy 3.6

Tamiya Yamaha

Round the World

Dragon Force 65 V6

Teensy 4.0


Teensy 4.0 + WiFi

Birdy II

robotic yacht

Micro Magic

Teensy 4.0 + WiFi

Proboat Westward

With Teensy 3.6

Duplex 575, Pluto

With Teensy 3.6

HFM 590S

With Teensy 3.6


Depth, Speed, Temperature

Atlantic 3837

Being upgraded

I share my experience building robotic boats. I start using a Windows 7 8" tablet onboard Birdy II. Because of the weight and size of the tablet, the model boat has to be sufficiently large. I could plug in a USB compass, USB GPS, and a USB Servo Controller. All was ok until I tried to receive signals from a Radio Control receiver. Because RC receivers communicate using PWM, I discovered the Arduino Uno.

It wasn't long before I upgraded to the Arduino Mega, which became my workhorse for a while. I soon discovered that the Mega could run all the boat logic and thus a tablet was not required. This meant, rather than build a model yacht, I could convert existing models.

As I now getting smaller model boats, I discovered the Teensy 3.6. More powerful than the Arduino Mega and the GUI (Graphical User Interface) was the same. I switched work horse to the Teensy.

Some code is available here


Arduino Uno

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Arduino Mega

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Arduino Due

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Arduino Nano

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Arduino Yun Mini

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Intel Edison

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Teensy 3.6

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Teensy 4.0

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April 2017

Rudder Logic

Tricks and calculations to try and stay in a straight line.

April 2017

Wind Logic

Trick to find the direction of the wind.


Digital boat

Due to copywright issues I have to create my own boat. Please be patient.

Other Information


Protocols to communicate with components

The Arduino boards communicate using different protocols to different components like a compass, GPS and LCD. Those that I have documented include PWM, Serial, I2C and SPI.